Saturday, February 27, 2010

Starbucks and Excuses.

Dear Me. It has been a while. I offer my most heartfelt apologies to whoever may be reading this. IF anyone is reading this..

Any way. Here I am at Starbucks, because sadly, the internet at my home has been lost indefinitely. But love will find a way. (pauses for laughter). But I must say, Going to Starbucks is way more fun than sitting at a desk trying to think of something to write about.
And there's coffee. With fancy stuff on top.

So, lets get down to business. My encyclopedia status is a bit embarrassing. But I am reading. At a (ahem) reasonable (ahem) pace. But seriously, it's not like I'm lying around eating snickers bars and playing pacman 24/7. I do have things to do. Then there's the no internet factor.

So here I am in Starbucks, listening to Jacob Dylan (involuntarily) and drinking my fancy coffee with fancy stuff on top. Wow! I feel like a real person!

Thats all we have time for now.. Have a lovely week and don't forget: Always eat your veggies, help old people across the street and DON'T litter.


(Ta Ta For Now)