Saturday, January 23, 2010


Well it is finally the weekend. I must admit, I have nothing really important to write about right now. I am reading frequently, but nothing particularly fascinating. So, I will just sit here and write whatever pops into my head.
It is a journal after all.

I have decided to write about the Crusades, because I find that period in history interesting in so many ways and I would love to share with you.

When the Turks invaded and conquered the Holy Land, it became almost impossible for Christian Pilgrims to reach their places of worship there. Before the Turks came, the Holy Land was inhabited by Arabs, who weren't converted to The Muslim religion yet and were more tolerant of Christians. The Muslim Turks, on the other hand were not at all tolerant, because they had been taught by Muhammad that all infidels should be killed.

So, Pope Urban II resolved to do something about this. He called for a Crusade to recapture Jerusalem and the Holy Land. He said that all those who fought would be granted free remission of sins and forgiven of all debts to the Church. Pretty Sweet right? Well, thats what the Crusaders thought. Because they didn't know the great news of Christ: That they don't have to do anything to get remission of sin. All they had to do was ask for Gods forgiveness. Because Christ came and took our punishment by dying on the Cross.
However, Urban Failed to mention this, and the people were deceived.

The First Crusades goal was to recapture Jerusalem. It lasted from 1096 to 1099.

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