Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Oy. Its been a long day. I'll spare all you lovely people the gruesome details though.
I did get around to reading the Encyclopedia though! I read about Aardvarks.

Incidentally, they are quite famous for being the first thing in most dictionaries and encyclopedias. They are a funny looking animal, with a long snout which is used to collect ants and termites. They are also known as ant-eaters. There is a TV show called Arthur, which is about 'the friendliest Aardvark you'll ever get a chance to meet!'. However, in actuality, they look absolutely nothing like the one in the movie.

They look like This:

They are native to Africa and though they look somewhat like pigs to the untrained eye, they are not at all related to pigs.
And the word Aardvark means Earth Hog in Afrikaans.

Well. Now you know.

Come back again!

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  1. I am so impressed! It's like you've been writing all your life.
    So glad I know you.